Bedlams Consensual Nightmare Legion

Welcome to Bedlums’ Consensual Nightmare legion

Bedlam’s Consensual Nightmare Legion, was founded from the core of New-Eden-Rebellion to start a new Null Sec Corporation within New Eden.

We are a Member of Lord of Worlds Alliance which is part of the Winter Coalition, which includes Fraternity and many others. The Coalition is quite happily at war with Test and Friends, and the best bit is we’re enjoying it.

Unlike most Corporations in New Eden, we try to fly unmedicated, to let the chaos ensue. We are a pretty self-sufficient corporation, we mine our own ore, salvage our own materials and build our own planetary commodities. We have an extensive Blueprint library for building everything from rigs to T3 ships, the biggest ships we’ve built to date are Mining Capitals and Industrial vessels. Being self sufficient has its advantages in war time.

Ohh look what we found, what could it be… apart from owned by Fraternity.
What we are looking for currently
  • Jump Frieghter pilots
  • Ewar PVP Pilots
  • PVP Pilots
  • Indy
  • Miners
  • PVE

Interested in joining us look at our recruitment page

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